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  Cancer Diagnosis
With personalised medicine beginning to make an impact on the outcome of cancer.  Diagnosis is dependent on real time PCR.  For Lung Cancer the following genetic biomarkers are indicative: EGFR, EML4-ALK, ROS1 and RET.
For Colorectal Cancer the following genetic biomarkers are indicative KRAS, NRAS, BRAF and PIK3CA. Breast Cancer: HER-2,PIK3CA.  Cervical Cancer: HPV4, HPV19 & HPV21.  Leukemia: JAK2-V617F, C-KIT D816V & BCR-ABL-T315I.  Thyroid Cancer/Melanoma: BRAF.




   Cancer Research (ELISA Kits)
Intercellular signaling,
Cyclic nucleotides cAMP and cGMP are important intracellular second messengers. cAMP regulates horomones epinephrine, glucagon and adrenocorticotropic horomone. Present at 10-100-fold lower concentrations than cAMP, cGMP interacts with intracellular kinases in response to peptide hormones. Oxidative Stress,Glutathione’s antioxidant function lies in its unusual peptide linkage between glutamate’s carboxyl group and cysteine’s amine group. As a result, cysteine’s thiol group is free to act as a reducing agent. Cellular metabolism, Cyclooxygenase-2 Prostoglandins, especially prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) produced by the Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) pathway have been implicated in cancer tumorgenesis. 

Microparticles for use in rapid membrane assays, turbidmetric assays, slide agglutination tests, chemiluminescent assays and molecular biology applications.

Carboxyfluorescein FLICA, Sulforhodamine FLICA. Magic Red Cathepsin and MitoPT kits 

 Bone Research Kits
TRAP Staining Kit with Osteoplates that combines the best selling TRAP Staining Kit and 2 x 96 well inorganic Osteoplates. 



   ELISA Kits
The first commercially available ELISA kits for the measurement of human adiponectin and mouse/rat adiponectin from serum, cell extracts or conditioned media
. Human Leptin Receptor.  Human  Mouse  and Rat Resistin, esRAGE  Human and Rat HGF

  Cytogenetics Media  AmnioSelect is a ready to use medium that has been specifically developed for the prenatal diagnostic testing of amnion and chorinic villi cells. 
LymphoSelect Medium is intended for use in short-term culitvation of peripheral blood lymphocytes for chromosome evaluation.  The medium is based on RPMI 1640 basal medium supplemented with L-glutamine, feotal bovine serum, antibiotics (gentamicin) and phytohemagglutin -M (PHA-M)
  Mechanical Cell Strain Instruments
Strex high-performance mechanical cell strain instruments and cell culture chambers allows you to explore the impact of mechanical cell strain on cells in culture. Microscope-mountable instruments enable real-time observations of cells experiencing uni-axial or bi-axial dynamic or static strain. Bench top uni-axial mechanical cell strain instruments are ideal for long duration studies, especially investigating gene and protein expression or cytoskeletal rearrangement. Mechanical stress applied to the cells better simulates a natural dynamic physiological environment.


Polyclonal antibodies for  HIV Research, DNA synthesis and repair and Yeast biology
Magnetic Separation
For the purification of mRNA, Total RNA, genomic DNA, Plant DNA, DNA fragments, Plasmid DNA, Protein purification and Proteomics.
BioMed Diagnostics Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of microbiology devices that save money and time, improve workflow an throughput, and reduce sample exposure and contamination.
 AMI Rapid Slide Tests
Acute Myocardial Infarct rapid immunochromatography slide tests for Troponin I, Myoglobin CK-MB and Cardiac Panel (Tnl 1/CK-MB. Myoglobin)
Fetal Bovine Serum
Fetal Bovine Serum, collected in Australia, USA and South America.  The New Advanced FBS uses sophisticated treatment during pooling and filtering that significantly reduces batch-to-batch variation.   Once successfully tested on a cell line, usually no further batch testing is necessary.
Other Animal Sera
An alternative to FBS or for autologous cell culture systems or immunohistological methods.



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