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The key advantage of the BioNobile Technology over similar separation approaches with particles – Bio-Nobile developed the QuicPick technology to move the particles out of the sample thus allowing repeated extractions from the same tube or well. Thus eliminating loss of the targeted (DNA, RNA, protein) material – the material being either on the particles or still unextracted in the sample. 


       The 1-magnet QuickPick tool has a large                               The multuEight QuickPick tool has eight strong magnets-
        and strong magnet                                                              ideal for working with microparticles

The QuicPick’s operation stems from its innovative proprietary design* and the rigid inert tip. The design is optimized to introduce a minimum dead volume into the sample vessel while allowing the use of a very strong magnet with a large collection area for magnetic particles. This allows collection or release in small tubes or sample wells in volumes from 50 μl up to large samples in 5 ml. The “move particles not liquids” method enables particle
recycling for difficult samples and higher yields. Compared to traditional work with magnetic stands or racks the QuicPick provides unsurpassed freedom to choose sample vessel types for the application; it supports the use of different sample vessel types during the process like tube to plate or deep well plate to standard 96 well sample plates. When locked in the collection position the magnet collects the particles from the sample on to the tip so that the transfer to the next vessel in the application can be carried out. When the magnet is in the release position the particles can easily be released from the inert tip into the solution. One single tip is used for the sample throughout the process. The movement of particles - and not liquids - eliminates the risk of sample being lost during the process.


Left: extended magnet and tip without any paricles.                                      Collect from virtually any vessel-
: particles collected only on the apex of the tip.                                   release into virtually any vessel
Right: a larger amount of particles collected using the
full power of the magnet.            


mRNA/Total RNA

Genomic DNA

DNA Fragment





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