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Leptin receptor was identified as a leptin binding protein and a member of the class 1 cytokine receptor family with a large extracellular domain comprising 816 amino acid residues.  Leptin, the product of the ob gene, is a single-chain 16kDa protein consisting of 146 amino acid residues.  The receptor exists in multiple forms with a common extracellular domain and a variable length cytoplasmic portion.  Alternative splicing from a single gene creates the six isoforms of the receptor.  The soluble form of the leptin receptor (OB-R) contains no intracellular motifs or transmembrane residues.  It consists entirely of the extracellular ligand-binding domain of the receptor.


  • Specific monoclonal antibody to leptin receptor

  • Convenient ready-to-use controls (no dilution necessary)

  • Total assay less than 3 hours

Detect total serum leptin receptor using a highly specific and sensitive monoclonal antibody. Detection is performed with a horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-conjugated secondary antibody.
B-Bridge's Leptin Receptor ELISA Kit robustly detects as little as 0.4 unit recombinant leptin receptor1 /ml sample of human leptin receptor in serum, plasma, and culture medium. The double monoclonal sandwich enzyme immunoassay is highly specific for the soluble, extracellular portion of the human leptin receptor, enabling you to detect circulating levels with minimum interference with leptin or other cytokines.

 Human Leptin Receptor ELISA Kit

Colorimetric (EIA) Kits Catalogue Number
96 well plate K1007-1

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