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Myoglobin is a low molecular weight , cytoplasmic serum protein.  Due to its low molecular weight, myoglobin is released more rapidly when muscle cells are damaged than other markers.  Serum concentration of myoglobin increases  above the normal range as early as 1 hour after myocardial infarction, and  peaks in approximately 4 to 8 hours after onset.  Therefore, myoglobin is better suited for the early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction AMI.

The QuickProfile Myoglobin is an immunochromatography based, one step in vitro test.  It is designed for qualitative determination of myoglobin in human serum specimens.  The presence of myoglobin in serum, whole blood or plasma specimens at level 10 ng/ml or higher can be detected in 10 minutes.

QuickProfile Myoglobin test is a sandwich immunoassay. When the serum sample is added to the sample pad, it moves through the conjugate pad and mobilizes gold anti-myoglobin conjugate that is coated on the conjugate pad. The mixture moves along the membrane by capillary action and reacts with anti-myoglobin antibody that is coated on the test region. If myoglobin is present at levels of 100 ng/ml or greater, the result is the formation of a coloured band in the test region. If there is no myoglobin in the sample, the area will remain colourless. The sample continues to move to the control area and forms a pink to purple colour, indicating the test is working and the result is valid.


QuickProfile Myoglobin (Whole Blood)

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