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QuickPick™ IMAC 

The QuickPick IMAC kits provide a fast and simple means for recombinant histidine-tagged (His-tag) protein purification based on metal affinity using Ni2+. Immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) was originally introduced as a method for group separation, but today it represents one of the most important tools for the single-step purification of proteins based on polyhistidine tags. The principle of the mechanism is based on the interaction between a metal ion coordinated to a covalently bound chelating ligand and a His-tag protein.

62301 • metal affinity kit for proteins, 8 preps 
62311 • metal affinity kit for proteins, 48 preps

QuickPick IMAC Protocol: imac.pdf

QuickPick™ CM

62201 • weak cation exchange kit for proteins,
8 preps
62211 • weak cation exchange kit for proteins,
48 preps

QuickPick™ DEAE

62101 • weak anion exchange kit for proteins,
8 preps 
62111 • weak anion exchange kit for proteins,
48 preps

The QuickPick™ CM and DEAE kits are based on magnetic cellulose particles coated with carboxymethyl (CM) groups or diethylaminoethyl (DEAE) groups. Different types of proteins will bind to the coated magnetic particles with affinities that depend on both the conditions used and the types and number of individual charged groups. Typically a mixture of numerous proteins, for example cell lysate, is used as a sample with ion exchangers. After unbound molecules are washed away, the composition of the buffer is changed by altering the pH and salt concentration to release the molecule(s) of interest from the particle

QuickPick CM and DEAE Protocol: QuickPick_CM_and_DEAE.pdf

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