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FLICA Apoptosis Detection Kits use a novel approach to detect active caspases. The method is based on a Fluorochrome Inhibitor of Caspases (FLICA).  Once inside the cell, the FLICA inhibitor binds covalently to the active caspase.  These inhibitors are cell permeable and non-toxic.  For detection using red fluorescence, a sulforhodamine-labeled fluoromethyl ketone peptide inhibitor of caspases is used.



Jurkat cells, grown in suspension, were incubated with 1mM staurosporine for 3 hours at 37 0
to induce apoptosis.  Cells were then labeled with SR-VAD-FMK for 60 minutes at 37 0C.  Slides 
were prepared and samples viewed through a fluorescence microscope using a broad band filter. 

Sulforhodamine FLICA Kits


Product Peptide  Size Catalogue Number
Sulforhodamine Poly Caspase Detection Kit SR-VAD-FMK 25 tests BB916
Sulforhodamine Poly Caspase Detection Kit SR-VAD-FMK 100 tests BB917
Sulforhodamine Caspase-3 & &Assay Kit SR-DEVD-FMK 25 tests BB931
Sulforhodamine Caspase-3 & 7 Assay Kit SR-DEVD-FMK 100 tests BB932
Sulforhodamine Caspase 9 Assay Kit SR-LEHD-FMK 25 tests BB960
Sulforhodamine Caspase 9 Assy Kit SR-LEHD-FMK 100 tests BB961



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