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We are excited to introduce our new TRAP Staining Kit with Osteoplates, which combines our best-selling TRAP Staining Kit with two 96-well inorganic Osteoplates.

Investigate function properties of osteogenic cells

Lot-to-lot consistency

Reduced variability compared to bone slices

Our TRAP Staining Kit is used for the staining of Tartrate-Resistant Acid Phosphatase in osteoclasts. Bone mass is controlled by the balance between the activity of osteoblasts bone formation and the activity of osteoclasts. Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and tartrate-resistant acid phosphate are used as markers for osteoblasts and osteoclasts, respectively. These plates have a unique 3-dimensional structure that mimics in-vivo bone for invitro assays. This inorganic bone biomaterial surface is capable of supporting the functional properties of osteogenic cells. The assay surface is manufactured using a proprietary surface coating technology which delivers lot-to-lot consistency, translating into consistent and reproducible results in your bone assays. The Osteoplate surface also offers a consistent and defined alternative to preparing dentine or bone slices and serves to reduce the variability of your assay system and produce more predictable assay readouts.

Above: Differentiated human osteoclast precursor cells on an Osteoplate stained with the B-Bridge TRAP Staining Kit.


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TRAP Staining Kit with Osteoplates


Staining Reagents + 2 Osteoplates
TRAP Staining Kit AK04 Staining Reagents


For in vitro use only

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