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Anti-VGLUT-1, Rat.

Polyclonal Antibody. Rabbit

Cat. No. BB10-19771, 50 mg.

L-Glutamate is an excitatory chemical transmitter that plays an essential role in neuronal plasticity, behavior, learning and central nervous system. VGLUTs play an essential role in glutamate signal output through vesicular storage of L-glutamate. Three kinds of VGLUTs have been identified so far. Recent studies have demonstrated that VGLUTs are also expressed in peripheral cells such as stomach, intestines, pancreas and testes. In particular, the discovery that glutamate is co-localized with glucagon in secretory granules in_cells of islets of Langerhans has been noted for new mechanism of blood glucose control. Anti Rat VGLUT, Rabbit can detect glutamatergic central nerves, peripheral nerves and nonneural cells.

Application:  immunocytochemistry, immunoelectron microscopy and western blotting.

Raised against the GST fusion peptide encoding the cytosolic regions of VGLUT1

Specificity: Specific to rat, mouse, human and bovine VGLUT-1. No reactive to VGLUT-2

Working Concentration: Immunofluorescence 1 : 1,500







For in vitro use only


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