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Resistin, a product of the RSTN gene, is a peptide hormone belonging to the class of cysteine-rich secreted proteins which is termed the RELM family, and is also described as ADSF (Adipose Tissue-Specific Secretory Factor) and FIZZ3 (Found in Inflammatory Zone). Rat resistin contains 114 amino acids as a prepeptide, and its hydrophobic signal peptide is cleaved before secretion. Resistin circulates in rat blood as a dimeric protein consisting of two 96 amino acid polypeptides, which are disulfide-linked.

Resistin may be an important link between obesity and insulin resistance. Mouse resistin, specifically produced and secreted by adipocyte, acts on skeletal muscle myocytes, hepatocytes and adipocytes to reduce their sensitivity to insulin. Steppan et al. have suggested that resistin suppresses the ability of insulin to stimulate glucose uptake. They have also suggested that resistin is present at elevated levels in the blood of obese mice, and is down regulated by fasting and antidiabetic drugs (TZDs). On the other hand, several studies demonstrated reduced resistin expression in adipose tissue of obese mice and increased levels in leptin deficient ob/ob mice and Zucker diabetic fatty rats in response to TZDs.

Other studies have shown that mouse resistin increases during the differentiation of adipocytes, but it also seems to inhibit adipogenesis. Nevertheless, the human adipogenic differentiation is likely to be associated with a down regulation of resistin gene expression.

The B-Bridge Rat Resistin ELISA Kit is designed to measure the concentration of rat resistin in rat serum or tissue culture medium.



                Sensitive and Specific Detection of Resistin



  • Sensitivity: 0.2 ng/mL

  • Standard Curvre: 0.25 ng/mL to         20 ng/mL 
  • High/Low Quality Controls 
  • Time to Answer: less than 2 hours




rat Resistin ELISA Kit

Colorimetric (EIA) Kits Catalogue Number
96 well plate K1014-1

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